Services & Approach


Silicon Valley Therapy ServicesSilicon Valley Therapy offer four core services:

  1. Individual, couples, and family psychotherapy and coaching.
  2. Group psychotherapy and coaching to leverage the social component of growth and healing.
  3. Talks to inspire and educate the community.
  4. Workshops to jump start your health and wellness.


At Silicon Valley Therapy we recognize that humans are complex and change is hard.  As a result, our approach to psychotherapy and coaching utilizes a four-fold model as shown in the accompanying diagram.  We assess functioning in all of these domains right away. This helps us create specific goals and target the parts of your life that need the most attention.

Psycho-spiritual health

Emotions swim in the psyche and they must be properly understood to live well.  Psychological health is essential for a well-lived life. If you have a spiritual path it is important that it is in sync and working well with your psychological health.

From anxiety to depression, Asperger’s to ADHD, trauma to addiction, and parenting to job burnout, healing begins with clarity and acceptance of what is present now. The safe structured therapeutic or coaching space at Silicon Valley Therapy is the ideal place to begin your journey of growth and healing.

Brain & Body Health

Is there an underlying brain or body issue that is impeding your optimal health?  The four pillars of health are useful to assess within this domain: nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

Optimal Well-being

On a scale of -3 to positive 3 how would you rate your level of well-being? Traditional psychology’s goal was to help people be quote Les Miserable. Quote this would be a move from -3 to -1 on the well-being scale. Coaches at Silicon Valley Therapy use theories and techniques from positive psychology, a branch of psychology that is interested in moving people from 0 to 3 on the well-being scale. Let Silicon Valley Therapy providers help you optimize and maximize your well-being.

Relational Health 

Dysfunctional relationships and loneliness are epidemics in our culture. Healthy communication is the Bedrock of prosocial relationships. Silicon Valley Therapy providers are experts in communication and navigating wounded relationships.