Mental Health is Simplicity

Mental health is characterized by simplicity, mean what you say, say what you mean. Addiction is characterized by deception and confusion. Anti-social behavior is characterized by verbosity, gaslighting, and complexity.


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There are many paths to change and growth. In addition to psychotherapy, spirituality, and psychiatry a powerful modality of change is neurofeedback.

Couples Communication Workshop

"The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has happened." - George Bernard Shaw Communication is ground zero for all relationships. Successful communication...

911 Parent Support

Take the heat off the parents and outsource it to us!

Neurodiverse Couples

We are experts in Asperger’s treatment.  Whether it is children, adults, or couples our skilled staff has the experience to help you manage the interpersonal challenges of being on the Autism spectrum.

Silicon Valley Therapy

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

Building lives that flourish, relationships that thrive, and families that raise respectful, responsible, happy children.

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911 Parent Support & Outsourcing

Blended Families


Addiction - Substance Behavioral (Digital, Sex, Food)

Codependency Disordered attachments Interventions



Stress Anxiety Depression

Trauma PTSD

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